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Storing Your Comics in the Garage the Right Way

Posted on September 14, 2016  in Comics

How can you prepare your most prized tomes for the inevitability of storage in your garage? How can your collection of relics from eons past stand up to the test of time? How can you keep them in pristine condition within the excesses of that busy, dank, and grimy corner of your home, despite bagging and boarding them to the best of your abilities?

These are all questions that we want to help you answer.

The Problems of Storing Comics in Your Garage

The reason that storing comics in a garage is not advisable anywhere is one or a combination of the following things: humidity, temperature, security, and the possibility of pests making a safe haven out of your most valued, prized, and cherished graphic novels.

Humidity and Temperature Considerations

Comics in the Garage the Right WayAnother important consideration you need to keep in mind is that using your garage as storage is that it will pose a host of uncontrollable environmental variables that you are exposing to your comic books. Using Mylar or polyester bags will not completely protect your graphic novels from the ever-present threat that is humidity and heat. Although Mylar itself is impermeable, you need to ensure that they are fully air-tight.

Security from Burglary and Pests

Another key consideration to keep in mind is that of physical security. Generally speaking, garages are very easy to break into; and the fact that some garages are shared make them even pose more of a risk. Garages are also very prone to being completely forgotten about – how many times have you forgotten to shut the door on your garage (admit it; it happens to the best of us)? Furthermore, it’s not only the humanoids you have to worry about; you also have to worry about the varmints that get into said bags and boards. Ever have to purchase a box of rare comics only to find out that a family of mice has been calling it their home for 20 odd years? Yes, that happens. More often than you think.

If You Must…

Though nothing in this world can ever be completely safe, there will always be plenty of ways to mitigate your risks. Although storing your graphic novels in the garage is not the optimal choice of storage, sometimes there isn’t just a choice. If you have to do this, make sure that the temperature and humidity play around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% relative humidity, respectively. You can invest in a garage dehumidifier and a garage thermostat to ensure that you achieve these levels. Then, discourage pests from frequenting your storage unit with mousetraps and insect bait in and around it. Finally, improve your physical security – this is important not just for your high-valued collection, but also for your own safety. Granted, there are a number of “smart” garage doors that are automated and notify you if it’s been closed or opened (Garage Automatics has a great number of suggestions for this, if you’re the type – just login to

After all, to a real collector, protecting that extremely rare Action Comics No. 1 issue is worth a king’s ransom. Even if you don’t own the rarest comic book of all time, the sentimental value that comes with your personal collection is worth the protecting just as much.