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Great Recycling Ideas for Comic Books You’ve Outgrown

Posted on September 14, 2016  in Comics

Ah, comic books. The collection of graphics with text that have made many a childhood the world over.

Where do old comic books go to rest?

Do they end up stashed up in your basement, consigned to a life of clutter and dust in a box?

Far too often, emotions get in the way of how we treat our old comics.

But the thing is, not all of us are rabid collectors, and not all of us have the time nor living space to accommodate our beloved literature.

To say that you will eventually get rid of them by selling them for their perceived “market value” is a cop-out; not all of our comics anyway are worth the mylar they are bagged into, for most of us.

Only a select few comics will actually be of any interest to most collectors, and if you expect that your comics will be flying off their dusty boxes and bins, you’re deluding yourself.

The reality of adulthood most of the time demands us to let go of these things.

Great Recycling Ideas for Comic BooksThe comic books we have read have served their purpose in providing us hours and hours of entertainment as children, as teens, as adults. Many times, repurposing them is a better investment than have them collect dust and attract vermin.

So how should you dispose of your comic books? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to recycle them at no cost – let’s take a look at how we can repurpose the pieces of our childhood again.

And perhaps, in one way or another, be of similar purpose for someone out there.

Donate Them

The best way to repurpose your old comic collections cluttering your house is to donate them. Many establishments are only too willing to accept your donations; from public libraries, dental clinics (remember those Archie comics you read while waiting in the dentist’s office?), children’s hospitals, homeless shelters, barbershops, hairdressers, and orphanages throughout your area. This way, you could give the gift of countless hours of being immersed in Gotham City to a child somewhere waiting for the dreaded dentist’s appointment. Also check out charities that have literacy and education as their advocacy; this will ensure that your prized comic books will have been used for a noble purpose. Contact them and see if they will accept your donation; chances are, they will only be too happy to take those boxes out of your hands.

Use them in Art Projects

Feeling creative? There are countless applications for your comic books in the realm of art. Did you know you could use them to design footwear, such as comic inspired flats? Did you know you could repurpose their pages as wallpaper? The possibilities of using comic books for art projects are just endless; comics are a perfect piece for any design project involving snazzy design.

If All Else Fails, Ditch Them….Responsibly

Sometimes, neither donation nor design will provide a good way to repurpose your comics. Sometimes, people just don’t want them, and sometimes, you will need the space right away. Fortunately, you have plenty of options as to how you can dispose of the paper they are printed on. Simply send them over to your preferred waste disposal method; if you don’t already own a waste disposal machine, Down the Sink will have plenty of options for you that are
obviously explained on the website. Regardless of your preferred method, disposing old comic books will have the paper they are printed onto repurposed into new paper products, and in turn saving more trees.

Letting go is never easy; but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Take solace in the fact that there are many ways you can repurpose your old comics, and give someone else the gift of the fun that the same comics have given you.