9 Best Ways to Store Comic Books

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Comics have long been an important part of everyone’s life. They bring readers valuable spiritual values.

After all, preserving comics isn’t as complicated as you might think. Comic books created from paper and ink are some of the most durable objects that humankind has created. But in reality, this is not the case, and they are still in danger of destruction if we do not know how to preserve them.

This is also a problem that many people are still very confused and worried about. Understanding this difficulty, we have researched and will share the 9 best ways to store comics.

Let’s find out in detail through the section below!

Best Comic Book Storage Solutions

1. Storage Cabinets or Drawers

Storage cabinets are one of the easiest to find and most trusted storage options we’ve come across.

comic book storage drawers

You can buy them anywhere, at relatively affordable prices. For comic books of comparable price, you should use low-value cabinets.

However, you should still consider buying cabinets that have sturdy shelves and store your books.

On the other hand, you might consider keeping them in smaller quantities to help protect both the comics and the bookcase. In addition, they can be separated by some objects to create accents for the cabinet.

In addition, the flexibility of the storage cabinet is also a strong point that attracts the attention of users. You can both preserve your expensive comic books and use them easily.

However, you should also pay attention to the selection of good-quality storage cabinets. Because that’s the only way to ensure the safety of your comics. A quality owner will help the comic books not be moldy or termite.

2. Book Shelves

Similar to cabinets and drawers, book shelves are no different. With its design and materials, we found it to be relatively good at storing comic books.

comic book bookshelf

Comic books will be neatly arranged with a vertical orientation at certain shelf positions. With this solution, you can easily manipulate the storybooks.

The point of this storage idea is that it only preserves a fixed amount of books. And of course, to ensure the quality of both the transmission and the cabinet, you should consider arranging it properly.

3. File Holders

File holders provide users with the easiest way to access documents. It is designed with a set of six adjacent, providing more storage space. With file holders, you just need to arrange the comic books into each box you like and then put them anywhere.

comics in file holders

You can put them right on your desk or shelf. It both plays a good storage role and helps to make your room more beautiful and neat.

File holders have a super sturdy material. Its color is gentle, suitable for many different objects. And you can enjoy decorating with stickers for your file holders. Try it out and feel its beauty!

4. Comic Book Frame

Comic book frames are the ideal choice if you want to store comic books and turn them into impressive works.

comic book storage frames

This way, you can ensure that your books are kept in the best possible way. Comic book frames have sturdy material. The top is equipped with flexible hangers for easier storage.

Depending on the size of the storybook, you choose the Comic Book Frame to best suit. But necessarily, you need to have a careful measurement to avoid buying the wrong size.

On the other hand, Comic Book Frame also leaves a relative aesthetic value, contributing to the beauty of your room from the available values.

5. Comic Book Bin or Box

The boxes or bins usually give a larger storage space of about 15-20 books, depending on the size.

In addition, these two methods also help us to transport them when an incident occurs easily. They provide the user with the ability to collapse when not in use gently. At the same time, protect your comic books from minimal moisture.

comic box containers

Using it is very simple, just take out and put the comic in. Finally, you should put a cover on it and finish the job of keeping the spiritual values. Storing using this method will help keep your comic books smooth and in top condition.

The biggest weakness of these boxes is that the sharp edges cause discomfort when we want to move. Even if you are unlucky, you may be injured by those edges. Therefore, we recommend using them only for large collections of books of great value.

6. Hardcovers

What do you think about the hardcovers in the comic archives?

In fact, this is the most creative solution to ensure the quality of your comic books. All you have to do is take valuable facts or issues and stick them on cardboard. It’s like a way to help you create a new story.

custom hardcovers for comic books

Once you’ve finished your custom comic book cover, you need to bind them and put them on the bookshelf as usual.

The most negative in this solution, perhaps it is the time. You have to spend hours, maybe even days, assembling them into the cardboard.

However, this job will help you practice perseverance for yourself. And sometimes, it’s also fun to be able to create story files yourself.

This storage solution ranges from $25 – $30 for about 18 – 25 issues, which is not small, so you should consider it carefully.

7. Bags and Boards

One of the best solutions to store your treasures is bags and boards. You have to bring up your comic books if you want them to survive and keep their original condition.

grab bags

Using them is very simple. The task you have to take out the bag and put the comics in it. You should put a cover on the back of the pack to ensure that the comics do not wrinkle.

We recommend that you do a sizing check on your comic so you can purchase the right bag. Avoid the case of not measuring, leading to the bag not fitting, so wasteful.

With these versatile storage bags, you can comfortably take them anywhere you want. It can help preserve your comics at a certain humidity.

Bags and boards are the most optimal and possible solution for those who do not have many comic books, and especially it is suitable for many people’s finances. If you do not have a large enough collection, consider using it to save money.

8. Repurposed Storage Furniture

With the rapid development of the commodity production industry, it is not too difficult for us to find furniture with special designs to store comic books.

storing comic books under bed

You may be surprised by these designs, and maybe they will look like regular cabinets. But it possesses the function that is to keep comic books.

For example, the shelves are designed higher so as not to get lost in the living room space. It makes perfect sense to use the upper part to store books.

On the other hand, you can come across cabinets equipped with clear drawers. But you can’t believe that these are the places where comic books can be preserved.

With this storage method, you can ensure the absolute safety of your comics.

You can use specialized keys to make sure no one can find your comics. However, this form will initially cause you difficulty when you want to use comic books.

9. Magazine Rack

Bookshelves are a staple and necessity for most convenience stores, where comic books are sold the most. Some convenience stores stick to these traditional ways to ensure nostalgia for customers.

comic book rack

Even older collectors are searching for magazine racks to store their books. From there, it can be seen the importance of Magazine Rack in preserving comic books. And, of course, you can completely own them for your collections.

Magazine Rack can give you more choices than other solutions. You might use them for more than one collection, and the usage is also very simple. You just need to put them in the bags and take them at any time.

The price of a magazine rack is not expensive. However, before choosing it, you should consider the space of your room carefully. To use the rack, you will need a relatively large area.

Things to Avoid While Storing Comics

1. Don’t leave your comic books around dogs or children

We want to send the first note to you that absolutely do not leave comic books around children or dogs.

Children are objects of physical and mental development. They are hyperactive and mischievous, which is understandable.

Therefore, comic books will make them curious and want to explore. The consequences will be enormous if they let them see your funny books. They can even tear your books.

Therefore, you have to arrange your books so that they are out of their reach. You can put them in places where they can’t see, and they can’t reach.

As for your pet dogs, they can bite your favorite books if you leave them near them.

You should store your books in wooden cabinets and make sure they are sturdy and solid. Or it can also be arranged higher than their reach. You should not leave comics on shelves outside the living room. Most likely those books will be destroyed.

stack of old comic books

2. Don’t eat or drink while reading your collectible comic book

It would be very bad if you were to eat or drink when reading your comic collections.

You will not be able to imagine what will happen once your drink or food falls on those pages. It will destroy the pages of books that you consider to be valuable. They can blur the text of those pages, even many pages behind them. It’s a pity, especially for collections of great value.

We can still restore them, but the quality will not be the same. However, that’s just a story for normal smudges. As for the more severe cases, then you have to accept to give up that whole book.

Therefore, we advise you not to drink any food or drink while reading manga. You may think you are a careful person, but can you be sure that nothing will happen? To ensure absolute safety for those spiritual values, above all should not use food or drink.

3. Don’t smoke around books that are out of their bags

Having you smoke around books that have already come out of their pockets? They will take a toll on those books because the cigarette butts will make your pages yellow and even destroy a precious comic book.

And of course, even those who don’t smoke but sit right next to smokers. This also jeopardizes your comic site. You should find places with a fresh and cool atmosphere to enjoy those valuable comic pages!

A small table in a small garden is the ideal condition for enjoying your unique collections.

4. Avoid exposure to heat/moisture

You absolutely need to protect your comic books from heat and humidity.

Excessive heat will make your comics rigid and difficult to use. On the contrary, if the humidity is too low, it will wet your comic books and directly affect the quality of the text and images inside.

The advice we give you is to store in places with suitable temperature and humidity. Try to avoid areas like basements, garages, or right next to a window.


Above, we have shared with you some of the best solutions to preserve and store comic books. Hopefully, you can choose the right storage solution for your comics and your budget through this article.

Please select and experience their effectiveness! We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading!

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