12 Best Places to Buy Comics Online (Physical & Digital)

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With vivid images, interesting stories, comic books have attracted a large number of readers. Readers are not only children, teenagers but even adults are drawn to these stories.

Today, the more technology develops, the more people who love comic books will have more opportunities to satisfy their passion. Instead of having to read physical comics like before, you can read digital versions on your tablet or smartphone. You also don’t have to go to a store or bookstore to own your favorite comics.

Now with just a few clicks at home, it will be delivered to your door, or you can read it right through the online reading platform of the seller. So where can you buy comics? If you want to find the best place to buy comics online for digital and physical versions, you shouldn’t miss the rest of the article.

Best Places to Buy Comics Online (Physical & Digital)

1. Things from Another World

Things from Another World

Things From Another World is a great place for you to find the latest comics. They offer a wide variety of books covering various topics, including comics, graphic novels, and toys.

Readers can set up a subscription to buy comics easily through the website. Here, their setup allows you to buy upcoming pre-order releases. However, they only offer physical books.

Books on the web have list prices almost 10% below the cover price. Occasionally, they have discounts. These programs will be published on the web or sent to your email.

Comics are transported safely in sturdy packaging as well as in carefully packaged packaging. The program is free to ship regularly, so far away does not need to be too afraid of this issue.

2. Comixology

buying digital and physical comics at comixology

Comixology is an April 2017 affiliate of Amazon that provides digital comics. Here, you will have the opportunity to read more than 750,000 books from many famous authors such as Antarctic Press, Archie, Boom, Dark Horse, DC, Dynamite, IDW, Image, Lion Forge, Marvel.

The company also has its publishing brand called Comixology Originals.

You can read comics online via different platforms such as the site or iOS and Android apps.

Besides providing digital comics, the company also accepts printing services for people who want to read physical versions.

You just need to create an account or log in with existing information on Amazon to buy comics. App Comixology is free, but you have to pay for more premium services. Comixology Unlimited monthly plan is $5.99.

3. Amazon

Kindle Unlimited with thousands of comics

Amazon is no stranger to online shoppers. Most of the items you want to buy will be there, including comics. The company was founded on July 5, 1994, in Washington.

To use, you just need to download the Kindle Unlimited app and register for an account. Usually, the comics you want to buy are available on this app. You type the title of the book and search. A series of retailers will appear, you choose a reputable place to buy with the best price. A few days later, you will receive the book.

Amazon does not charge you. You only pay the amount corresponding to the comics you buy. The supplier will receive this money. They get a commission from the retailer.

4. Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble and comics

Barnes & Noble is on the Fortune 1000 list and is the largest bookstore company in the United States.

This company sells books online in digital format as well as paperbacks. They have archived a huge collection of comics from many genres such as superhero, alternative comics, detective, and horror.

On their website, the comic section is arranged very optimally for searchers. You just need to go to the category of favorite stories, and there will be books you need money for. You just need to pay the correct amount on the cover. Books will be delivered to your home.

In addition, this library has a Nook app. You can search for every book here. This software helps you read digital comics more intuitively.

5. Mile High Comics

Mile High Comics

Mile High Comics was founded in 1969 in Colorado from the passion of a 13-year-old boy. Their website is quite old with bold designs of the 90s. However, hidden in it is a huge library of comics.

Mile High Comics has special requirements for comic book buyers. They create auctions. Through this place, people can buy, sell and trade comic books. Therefore, this address becomes a great place for people to collect immortal books.

The price will depend on the needs of the buyer. If that book is less interesting, you will buy it at a better price and vice versa. When purchasing online, you will have the opportunity to receive more incentives.

6. Midtown Comics

Midtown Comics

Midtown Comics was born in New York, one of the busiest cities in the United States. They have 3 stores and 1 e-commerce site. Currently, readers can read comics from this bookstore through direct visits or purchases at the website.

Midtown Comics titles include comic books, graphic novels, and toys similar to Things From Another World. Besides, they also chase the latest releases. Therefore, lovers of newly published comics should not miss this great site.

However, this bookseller has a difference: the immortal old comic book store that many people pursue. So, coming to Midtown, your options are also more diverse.

Looking through the store, most items are about 15% below the cover price. This library only offers paperback books.

Their books always ship safely. So the book you receive is still very beautiful and perfect.

7. Discount Comic Book Service

Discount Comic Book Service

As the name suggests, you’ll find your favorite comics at deeply discounted prices at Discount Comic Book Service. Their discount program is at least 30% to 50%.

The business model is unique when bringing you the latest and possibly first publications on the market. If you want to purchase the latest works, think about this bookstore.

If you want to order comics here, you need to order 6, 7 months in advance. The period is quite long, so it is only suitable for those who are fans of a certain author. So, those who read a few pages from time to time are probably not suitable for this store.

They also only sell physical books and deliver to those who order via the web. Their delivery is very thorough, so your book is always intact when it arrives.

8. My Comic Shop

My Comic Shop

My Comic Shop was originally called Lone Star Comics, started in 1960 by comic book lover Buddy Saunders. In 1997, he had a physical store and a fully functional online comic book store.

After launching online, the store has developed a reputation for its careful packaging and good customer service.

My Comic Shop is one of the best online comic stores you can order from. In addition, you also have the opportunity to sell and trade comic books online through this site. You can go to an online auction house to sell and buy stories at an affordable price.

This place is also great for finding new modern comics and comics from the old days when digital wasn’t available.

Similar to other stores, My Comic Shop only serves books to in-store readers or online buyers. The bookshelf corresponding to the cover price does not have many incentives compared to some previous stores.

9. Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel was born in 1939 in New York. Here you have more than 27,000 digital comics to read to your heart’s content. Marvel Unlimited is an app for you to read comics more realistically and more vividly. To get access to Marvel Unlimited content, you have to pay $9.99 per month.

You can download up to 12 comics to take with you at any time. Depending on the type of book you download, they will suggest a series of related titles.

This feature is great for digging into stories and discovering more deeply about characters. For now, however, seasons like The Amazing Spider will upload to Marvel Unlimited after their initial release. This update seems a bit slow for those who are chasing the Marvel franchise.

To deal with this situation, you can also purchase those editions on Comixology for $3.99 or $3.39.

If you are a fan of Marvel, this app is the right choice to dig into all the stories related to these superhero characters. Spider-Man comics from 1962 are ready for you to discover.

10. DC Universe Infinite

DC Universe Infinite

DC was founded in 1934 as one of America’s leading booksellers. Their comic book catalog ranges from Vertigo to Milestone.

They also have a few exclusive titles on DC Universe Infinite. The DC Universe Infinite currently provides about 25,000 comics.

Of course, new editions are not immediately available. After 6 months of freedom, you can read it anytime, anywhere on the app.

Both Marvel Unlimited and DC Universe Unlimited are great for people who want to read lots of comic books about their favorite characters at a low monthly price instead of buying physical books. However, it is not suitable for people who like to read new comics.

Marvel Unlimited and DC Universe Unlimited pay for a bundle of Disney Plus and HBO. There will be many packages, so based on your preferences, choose the right package.

11. Google Books

google books and comics

Google Books, originally called Google Print or Google Book Search is a Google tool that allows you to find a full text in a book. Based on the keyword you enter, Google will suggest a list of related comics.

Through that list, you choose the comics you want to read. Most of the works there are free to read. However, some classics may be limited. Depending on the number of pages, you can pay an additional 5 or 15 dollars to read the entire book.

Google will make a profit through the above form along with book advertising activities. At the same time, if readers love the story and want to own the physical version, they will print it and send it to your home. Through this service, the makers will also earn a little more percentage.

Every comic book you read through Google is equivalent to paying the author $60 in royalties. You can find books to read at the Google Books app.

This platform was born at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2004. To this day, it is still one of the convenient online comic reading platforms.

12. Apple Books

apple ibooks

Apple Books is an e-book reader and storage application for iOS and macOS operating systems and devices. It was originally called iBooks and announced January 27, 2010, for the iPad, and was released for the iPhone and iPod Touch in mid-2010.

It is not initially available on the device, and you can download it for free on the app store. Starting from IOS8, it became one of the built-in software on Apple devices.

The application has many convenient features for the reading experience such as a navigation menu, bookmarks, notes. Thanks to that, you will never get lost in the middle of reading. It also can convert text to speech or edit images to make your task more enjoyable.

You can also sync all your devices through your iCloud account so you can read comics online anytime, anywhere. In particular, you continue the bad book pages on the phone to a tablet and vice versa.

However, the bookstore here is not too diverse and only provides digital form. Therefore, it is not too suitable for people with diverse interests or who enjoy collecting comic books.


After checking this list, you probably already know where to buy comics online.

Buying comics online is not complicated but finding the best place or best store to buy depends on the type of book you are looking to read, physical or digital versions, the amount of money you plan to spend, and finally convenience. Based on those characteristics, you can choose the right place that suits your needs.

In addition, do you already have a reputable and loyal address? If you already have it, please share it for comic lovers to refer to. If you find this article interesting and useful to everyone, don’t forget to recommend it to your friends.

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