20 Best LEGO Batman Sets for Fans and Collectors

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Through the years, LEGO has made theme-based LEGO sets for fans all over the world. One such popular theme is Batman. Many fans of this superhero have adored the Batman LEGO sets and added on to their collection.

If you intend to gift a LEGO Batman set to your loved one, you have made a great choice! Nothing beats the combination of LEGO and Batman.

However, you may be confused in finding the perfect LEGO Batman. Hence, this guide will show you the best LEGO Batman sets to buy. Dive into the list to find the right one for you!

Reviews of The Best LEGO Batman Sets

Choosing a LEGO set can be difficult, especially if you plan on gifting someone a LEGO Batman set. Not only do you need to find a truly cool set that the recipient must like and not own yet. However, if you’re buying to complement your collection, it’s a lot simpler. Buy one or some that you love.

Hence, you can always use the reviews below to understanding which set is the best! Read on and find the best LEGO Batman set for your collection or for gifting your loved one.

1. LEGO DC Batman 1989 Batmobile 76139

LEGO 1989 Batmobile 76139

If you find the Batmobile racing in Gotham City extremely fascinating, you would surely love the LEGO Batmobile 76139.

You can build together the Batman 1989 super-hero car toy. Hence, making the Lego set interactive. Additionally, this LEGO Batmobile set comprises 3,306 pieces.

You may wonder how strong and intricate it is built? The Lego set has all the features and functions of the original Batmobile. Moreover, you can say this Lego set is a replica of the Batmobile but a mini-version! The set has the following functions.

  • A slide-open cockpit
  • Rotating display stand
  • Two hidden machine guns with a pop-up function

Here is what the Display model set includes

  • 3 Minifigures: a Batman figure with a cape
  • The Joker action figure with a gun
  • Vicki Vale figure with a buildable camera
  • Brick-built Minifigure display stand

What is good:

  • The model is intricately built
  • It is the perfect replica of the original Batmobile

What is missing:

  • Narrow cooling events situated in front of the tires are missing.

2. LEGO DC Comics The Tumbler 76023

LEGO The Tumbler 76023

For all the Dark Knight Trilogy fans, the best gift would be the LEGO The Tumbler 760. Curious about its inclusions, here they are!

  • An armored exterior
  • Adjustable top wing
  • Detailed interior
  • Huge rubber-tread racing tires

Bonus! You can also find the Batman and Joker mini figures along with a fact sheet about the Tumbler vehicle in the set.

In addition, the LEGO Tumbler measures 5″ (height), 15″ (length), and 9″(width). Just the perfect size! Moreover, you need to build the LEGO Tumbler, and it enhances team-building skills. Hence, if you are a parent looking for team-building activities for your children, or a teacher searching for LEGO for students, the Tumbler is the best LEGO batmobile set for your choice.

What is good:

  • Designers have excellently captured the details of the Tumbler

What is missing:

  • Does not have moving parts and hence restricts playing

3. LEGO Batman Cowl 76182

LEGO Batman Cowl 76182

For all the Batman enthusiasts looking for a captivating centerpiece, this set is for you. The LEGO Batman Cowl 76182 has authentic details making it an eye-catching display model. What makes it so fascinating? The glowing eyes, the intricately made features of the cowl, and the informative plate.

The splendid recreation stands 8.5 in high, 4 in wide, and 4 in deep. Therefore, it may not take up a lot of room in your office or home but still manage to grab everyone’s attention.

This cool LEGO batman set includes 410 bricks, offering a stress-relieving building experience. Bonus! The Cowl comes along with transparent pieces to represent the face and a stylish fact plaque.

What is good:

  • Is extremely detailed

What is missing:

  • It May take a lot of building time and can involve two people in the building

4. LEGO DC Batman 1989 Batwing 76161

LEGO 1989 Batwing 76161

A Batman enthusiast will go ballistic if you gift them the LEGO Batwing 76161! Who doesn’t like Caped Crusader’s custom aircraft? You can bring together your love for model-building and Batman with this buildable display model.

The 1989 Batwing offers an experience to boost your creative thinking and a building experience that can put you in the Lalaland. As the set includes 2,363-pieces, you can gift hours of enjoyment to your loved ones or yourself.

Further, the set includes a sturdy stand, nameplate, and three Minifigures – Batman, the Joker and, a Boombox goon.

What is good:

  • Comes in protective packaging, and hence you need not worry about losing or breaking the parts.

What is missing:

  • The supplementary information in the instruction manual lacks relevant information.

5. LEGO Batman Movie The Joker Manor 70922

LEGO Batman Movie The Joker Manor 70922

The Joker Manor has always been enticing, surely you would agree! Now, imagine being able to build this magnificent structure. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true for every Batman enthusiast?

With LEGO The Joker Manor 70922, you can build the Joker Manor and indulge in playing with the Minifigures. This LEGO set lets you explore the entrance hall, music studio, kitchen, cinema room, swimming pool room, and attic of the Manor.

Moreover, you can build the rollercoaster around the Manor, trapdoor, bendy ‘mirror’ and, punching boxing gloves. This is also the biggest LEGO batman set on the list, with 3,444 Pieces.

What is good:

  • Has several Minifigures
  • Encourages interactive play and boosts creative thinking

What is missing:

  • Could have added additional values, if the designers could transfer The Joker Manor to Wayne Manor with alternate instructions

6. LEGO DC Justice League 76087

LEGO DC Justice League 76087

The LEGO Justice League 76087 is every DC and a Lego fan’s dream come true. As the name suggests, this is a buildable set of Justice League Movie. The set includes:

  • Cyborg, Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Superman
  • 2 Parademons Minifigures
  • Steppenwolf big figure

What is good:

  • Compatible with all LEGO construction sets

What is missing:

  • Sometimes the packaging is badly done

7. LEGO The Ultimate Batmobile Building Kit 70917

LEGO The Ultimate Batmobile 70917

The Ultimate Batmobile 70919 is another Batmobile LEGO model that can keep you engrossed while building. In addition, this toy divides into four different vehicles – the batmobile, Batwing, bat-tank, and bat cycle.

Here are the inclusions with the toy:

  • The rotating Bat-Signal with a LEGO light brick
  • Polka-dot Man’s flying disc
  • Eight mini-figures with assorted weapons
  • Accessories

What is good:

  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Encompasses various elements of the Batman movie

What is missing:

  • Buyers have complained about the set having incomplete pieces

8. LEGO Batman Classic TV Series Batcave 7605

LEGO Batman Classic TV Series Batcave 76052

If you are a LEGO collector or a fan of the 1960s Batman television show, then this classic Batman Lego set is a must-have! Moreover, the LEGO Batman Classic TV Series Batcave 7605 is clearly an awesome gift that every Batman lover wants to have.

What makes it so iconic? The challenging building set and spectacular display pieces are enough to engage you for hours of imagination and building. The set features:

  • heroes and villains
  • A false bookcase
  • Batpoles
  • Bat Lab with Batcomputer
  • Batmobile
  • Batcopter

What is good:

  • The set is well-made because of the details included.

What is missing:

  • The small pieces included in the set can make the building experience tedious.

9. LEGO Super Heroes Jokerland 76035 Building Kit

LEGO Jokerland 76035

Do you know what does Gotham City’s amusement park looks like after turning into a nightmare land? Yes, you have guessed it right, it turns into the Jokerland. If you love thrilling games with rescue operations, the LEGO Jokerland is the game you should give a shot!

The LEGO set includes:

  • Batmobile
  • Batmobile’s missiles
  • Stud shooters
  • Harley Quinn’s bike
  • The clown robot
  • 8 Minifigures

What is good:

  • The many inclusions make the LEGO engaging and exciting

What is missing:

  • The instruction manual is not adequate

10. LEGO DC Universe Arkham Asylum Breakout 10937

LEGO Arkham Asylum Breakout 10937

What will the Caped Crusader do when The Joker, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, and Scarecrow escaped the Arkham Asylum? Feels thrilling, right? With the LEGO Arkham Asylum Breakout, you can use your imagination to its best.

The Asylum is full of action with the breakout, and therefore anyone building the set will be engaged in giving it the right feel with their imagination. Here is what the set includes:

  • Arkham Asylum
  • Security gate
  • Gothic décor
  • Moss and vines
  • Ice elements
  • Opening cell doors
  • Special Poison Ivy cell with transparent doors
  • Freeze icy tower room
  • Eight mini-figures

What is good:

  • The details and the architecture is appealing

What is missing:

  • The LEGO set is not pocket-friendly

11. LEGO Super Heroes The Batcave 6860

LEGO The Batcave 6860

The LEGO Batcave 6860 interacts with the storyline where Batman and Robin imprison Poison Ivy at the Batcave. Bane tries to rescue Poison Ivy and breaks into the Batcave. What comes next is the challenge before Batman and Robin to hold Poison Ivy in the Batcave.

If you’re looking for a similar Batman narrative, you should get this LEGO Batman and Robin set! In addition, this Batcave set comes with the following:

  • Batcave,
  • Bane’s drill tank
  • Batcycle
  • Handcuffs
  • Binoculars
  • Two weapons
  • 5 Minifigures

What is good:

  • Comes with many building parts and hence can make the building experience easy

What is missing:

  • Children may need assistance in building

12. LEGO DC Batman Batcave Clayface Invasion 76122

LEGO Batcave Clayface Invasion 76122

Another excellent buildable toy – the LEGO Batcave Clayface Invasion 76122 comes with the following:

  • Batman’s Batcave
  • Batcomputer zone
  • Weapons room
  • Trophy room
  • Detachable transformation tower
  • Jail modules

If you want to give a LEGO lover or a Batman fan a gift, the LEGO Batcave Clayface Invasion is the right choice. What makes it the best choice? First, it’s one of the big Batman LEGO sets on the list that you can build a magnificent structure with. Second, this set is an engaging role-playing game.

What is good:

  • Has a detachable component

What is missing:

  • Many buyers have complained of receiving the set with missing parts.

13. LEGO Gotham City Cycle Chase 76053

LEGO Gotham City Cycle Chase 76053

A city cycle chase involving Batman, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot is a perfect addition to your Batman or LEGO collection. Moreover, the Gotham city chase is ideal for ages 7 to 14 as it encourages imagination, independence, and building skills.

What makes the chase game fun? The shooting functions and accessories included in the game make the LEGO Gotham City Cycle Chase very enjoyable.

The inclusions are as follows:

  • Bat Cycle
  • Harley Quinn’s bike
  • Harley Hammer
  • Three mini figures: Harley Quin, Batman, and Dead shot
  • Batman’s Batarang and grapple-hook gun
  • Two rotating stud shooters in Bat Cycle

What is good:

  • The instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow

What is missing:

  • There are many pieces in the set, and the children may get overwhelmed while building

14. LEGO The Batman Movie Batcave Break-in 70909

LEGO Batcave Break-in 70909

If you’ve loved the supervillain invasions in Batman and the secret headquarters – Batcave, you would surely love the Batcave Break-in. Moreover, this Lego Batman Movie set is perfect for all ages from 8.

Wondering what the game features? You will find a transformation chamber, Batcomputer, and explode-function prison. In addition, the set includes a Batboat, Duckmobile, and four Minifigures.

What is good:

  • Encourages interactive play with the building kit

What is missing:

  • The buyers have found the instructions confusing

15. LEGO Batman Movie The Batwing Kit 70916

LEGO Batman Movie The Batwing 70916

Being a Batman fan, you will surely know about Batwing and the mind-blowing capabilities it possesses. What if you find the Batwing in a LEGO set? Exactly! It’s the best gift for any LEGO fan or collector.

Curious to know about this Batwing set? Here it is! The inclusions are:

  • Two disc-shooters
  • Mobile cannon with six-stud rapid shooter
  • Two spring-loaded shooters
  • Rotating boosters
  • Adjustable wings for flight and landing modes
  • Opening rear compartment with a car inside
  • 3 Minifigures

What is good:

  • Includes 1053 pieces and hence makes the build interactive and challenging

What is missing:

  • Buyers have found the product cost-effective

16. LEGO Batsub and The Underwater Clash 76116

LEGO Batsub and The Underwater Clash 76116

All the Batman fans will second on the fact that the Bat-vehicles are fascinating! Here’s another LEGO Bat-vehicle, the Batsub and The Underwater Clash 76116. The set includes the following:

  • DC Batman figure
  • Aquaman figure
  • Ocean Master figure
  • A shark figurine
  • Power Burst elements to customize your builds
  • Batman villains
  • 3 Minifigures

What is good:

  • The Batsub is intricately made, making it an iconic collection

What is missing:

  • Buyers have experienced occasional control issues

17. LEGO Batman Mr Freeze Batcycle Battle 76118

LEGO Batman Mr Freeze Batcycle Battle 76118

Want to build a Batcycle with additional features boosting its capabilities? If you do, then you should get the Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle set. Here is what the set features:

  • A dual Minifigure cockpit,
  • Stud shooter,
  • Detachable weapons and
  • Split function to divide the vehicle into two bikes
  • Freeze and his snow scooter

What is good:

  • Encourages role playing

What is missing:

  • There are many tiny parts in the set, and hence kids need assistance while building it

18. LEGO Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist 76120

LEGO Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist 76120

Chasing robber, The Riddler with the iconic Batwing model sounds exciting, right? The LEGO Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist offer the same building and playing experience. It is a great gift idea for children as they love the Batman chase sequences with his Bat-vehicles.

Here is what the 76120 set includes:

  • Multi shooters
  • A police car
  • A lockable safe
  • A flick-missile-shooting helicopter
  • Four Minifigures: Batman, The Riddler, SHAZAM
  • Commissioner Gordon figures with assorted weapons

What is good:

  • The set includes elements for customize building

What is missing:

  • The vehicles in the set are not sturdy

19. LEGO Ultrabuild Batman 4526

LEGO Ultrabuild Batman 4526

Another cool big figure is the LEGO Ultrabuild Batman. The building kit is extremely detailed. Thus it gives eye-catching features to the model. If you plan on gifting the model to a Batman fan, they would love it!

Here are some of the inclusions:

  • Two swords can be combined
  • Can combine with the Lego Green Lantern 4528 for a bigger model

What is good:

  • Fine details, perfect for collection

What is missing:

  • Does not include a cape

20. LEGO The Scuttler 70908

LEGO The Scuttler 70908

The Robotic bat vehicle – The Scuttler was so intriguing in the Batman film, right? Now imagine being able to build it! Yes, you can build it with LEGO The Scuttler.

You can indulge in a role play with the Scuttler, rescuing the hostages taken by The Joker. Moreover, the LEGO parts are easy to build and prove challenging, giving your brain adequate exercise.

Here are the inclusions:

  • Six Minifigures: Batman, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, and Dick Grayson
  • Batman’s two Batarangs
  • The Joker’s pop gun
  • Commissioner Gordon’s gun

What is good:

  • It has a great adjust-ability to transform into a variety of poses.

What is missing:

  • The user manual can be more detailed to assist children in building the LEGO set smoothly

Wrapping Up

Now that you have found yourself the best LEGO Batman sets for friends who are Batman lovers, you sure are ready to gift them!

The LEGO Batman has numerous types of sets, and their range is not limited to the films. You can find the unique toys and cutest Minifigures with the LEGO Batman sets. In addition, you can have an enjoyable building experience with the sets and indulge in interactive play.

If you intend on collecting the LEGO batman sets, you would certainly have a large collection as there is an extensive range of Batman-themed sets.

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