22 Best Batman Action Figures Every Fan Should Have

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Over the years, Batman action figures have seen a whirlwind of changes. What probably started as a lead figurine buying-selling has altered into a whole huge collection of Batman figures. Pssst… for both adults and kids. Yes, you heard it right.

The crowd running behind this collection is pretty huge, and so are the options available in the market. You are bound to get confused, isn’t it? Well, no worries because this article here is going to help.

Read on to see the best Batman action figures to add to your collection or to gift Batman fans as well as what’s good plus what’s bad in them. Let’s begin!

Best Batman Action Figures for Fans and Collectors

1. McFarlane Toys Arkham Knight Batman Figure

McFarlane Toys Arkham Knight Batman Figure

This very action figure is based on the Batman: Arkham City video game. It is designed with Extra articulation and has 22 moving parts that include various poses and play.

Fanatics would love the accessories the Arkham Knight Batman figure comes with. It includes a Sword Remote Electric Charge, Remote control Batarang, and a great base.

The only negative that some buyers reported was the figure. The Bulky upper torso with pretty details works, but the legs are seemingly short and skinny. This factor makes the figure not everyone’s cup of tea.

2. McFarlane Toys Flashpoint Batman Figure

McFarlane Toys Flashpoint Batman Figure

One of the most detailed 7″ scale figures! The McFarlane Toys Flashpoint Batman Figure is based on the DC Multiverse. It has been designed with similar articulation as the Arkham Knight Batman action figure with 22 moving parts.

This figure is inspired by the comic book Batman #22. It also has a collectible art card with Flashpoint art on the front, character Biography on the back.

Although this Batman has everything covered and checked, there’s a little issue with the articulation. It isn’t as movable as you would expect it to be. While this figure can stand and look cool, it isn’t the best toy due to the lack of action.

3. Beast Kingdom Knightmare Batman Action Figure

Beast Kingdom Knightmare Batman Action Figure

The Beast Kingdom has always had a line of the most detailed action figures. This time, they have launched the latest Dah 8″ action figurine from Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It uses Batman’s mercenary outfit using the actual cloth materials. Along with this, it comes along goggles, coat, scarf, belt, and worn armor. You will also get facial expressions accessories, several pairs of interchangeable hands, etc.

This Knightmare Batman figure has a very highly movable articulation so that you can play to the best of its capacity. The lack of updated face sculpts is the only issue here.

4. Armored Batman MAFEX Action Figure

Armored Batman MAFEX Action Figure

The MAFEX Armored Batman action figure stands tall at 6 1/4″ and has a generously articulated build. It has a pose-able fabric cape, interchangeable hands, as well as a pose-able display stand.

It is based on the action-adventure movie Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and has a pretty accurate representation of the same. You will not face any problems with the Mafex figure and can easily move its joints.

On the negative side, the problem arises with the bad-looking cape that comes along with this toy. It has an appearance of denim which is not what the film showcased. Although, due to the presence of a wire inside, users can pose the cape whichever way they want.

5. Michael Keaton Batman 1989  Figure

Michael Keaton Batman 1989 Action Figure

The movie inspiring this 1989 Batman action figure was released the same year; namely, Batman played by Michael Keaton! How is it different from its counterparts? Well, believe it or not, those eyes come to real life with amazing coloring. The mask has also been amazingly replicated with the help of rubber-like materials.

The cape comes along with some really cool support rods to give the Batman ability to show impressive gliding poses. You will also get extra parts, such as the Batarang. The set comes with an optional head part; four left and five right-hand parts.

Moreover, you also get a grappling gun, gauntlet, two shurikens, a Batarang, and two cape support rods.

While these are the pros, this figure also has some cons. The mouth plate has a habit of falling down a lot. Additionally, the cape doesn’t have the best-looking fabric.

6. Medicom Justice League Batman Figure

Medicom Justice League Batman Figure

This one is a Medicom import and is based on the hit Justice League film. The Batman here stands 6 feet tall and is fully articulated. It comes with two guns, a cape, three batarangs, interchangeable hands, a figure stand, and two faces.

The accessories, along with the figure, are pretty great. Moreover, the details in the texture, weapons, the zoomed face all work so well. The articulation for Medicom Justice League Batman action figure is top-notch.

The negative to this model is that the wired cape might make the figure hard to stand. Rest assured, the whole setup is perfect.

7. Good Smile Batman Japanese Ninja Action Figure

Good Smile Batman Japanese Ninja Action Figure

Standing at the height of 6.3″, this figure comes with two faceplates. The first includes the glaring expression, while the other has a powerful shouting expression.  The posable yet smooth Figma joints enable the enactment of multiple scenes and moves.

The built is made of plastic in some areas. This allows the proportion to be well maintained without any compromise on the possibility. The Good Smile Batman Japanese Ninja Action figure has a cape made from fabric with bendable parts.

The only visible con is the few options in interchangeable pieces.

8. Square Enix Steampunk Batman Action Figure

Square Enix Steampunk Batman Action Figure

Square Enix Steampunk Batman Action figure is an original take on the legendary DC hero. It has a fine chest piece that reveals multiple gears and cogs. Moreover, the burnished metallic color gives a pretty sleek design.

The display stand, interchangeable hands, and amazing details of the figure make it a top choice amongst fanatics. The probable negative is that the figure has very poor execution. Not a lot will hold the plastic hinge in the proper place. The Joints are fragile as well.

9. Bandai Batman The Dark Knight Figure

Bandai Batman The Dark Knight Figure

Bandai retailer’s licensed product from the US and Canadian markets is a highly posable and expressive Batman action figure. It is a series first in using digital coloring and utilizing a bendable cloth cape. Yay

Moreover, the figurine comes with a grapnel, optional head, optional hands, bomb gun accessories, etc.

It has also been tested for safety and compliance in North American Consumer Product safety regulations. You can also avail of product support assistance.

Some users reported a negative feature of the wrong knee cap on its left leg. Because of this, the knee cannot straighten out totally, which makes one leg shorter than the other.

10. NECA Adam West 1966 Batman Figure

NECA Adam West 1966 Batman Figure

True fanatics know almost everything about the Batman Classic TV series. And so, they have a keen knowledge about the Adam West 1966 version of Batman. This figure was released based on this version.

It is 7 inches in height and has one Batarang, a communicator, and one set of hands. Anyone who is a die-hard fanatic would love to include this figure in their collection of Batman merchandise or accessories.

Additionally, if they are enthusiasts of the DC action figures, they’d love to collect this one as part of their Batman family. So, grab one today and complete your collection!

11. Square Enix Batman Joker Figure

Square Enix Batman Joker Action Figure

Batman has been the role model of many. But what about his archnemesis? For what it’s worth, Batman was only himself because of his archnemesis. They were the ones to give him his stature and supported him in his pursuit.

The one great thing about Batman is he had no superpowers. And his archnemesis, the Square Enix Joker, was no different. He was unique and made his unique his only superpower. The only action figure in the popular TV series that was very different from the rest was the Joker.

If you see yourself connecting with the Joker, then get yourself this unique archnemesis of the superhero. It is highly detailed in its sculpting and has numerous accessories attached to it.

12. Medicom Batman Hush Action Figure

Medicom Hush Batman Figure

Have you ever tried imitating Batman? We bet you’ve even tried the cape thing and then jumped down your bed to get the Batman vibe. So, this one is the same as the Batman himself with his cape. This Hush Batman figure that is finely detailed in terms of sculpting and defines every feature of the real character.

The action figure is based on Batman’s popular series Hush written by Jean Loeb and Jim Lee. People could take themselves to a fantasy land where their hero was Batman. Children and adults alike enjoyed imagining wearing his cape and saving the world without a particular superpower that made them feel like humans.

This figure is designed with a poseable cloth cape and various exchangeable hands. You’d also find an unmasked and movable figure stand to complement your preference for designing your action figure.

13. Blueline Edition Batman Figure

Blueline Edition Batman Figure

The Blueline Edition of the San-Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive is the dream action figure of many kids and adults. It’s great how there’s this one thing that kids and adults like the same. The design of this Limited Edition figure is based on the designs by Jim Lee.

The figure maker has put in great effort to imbibe the true characteristic features of the spectacular action model and captured them in its artwork. Entirely articulated, this officially licensed figure designed by Jim Lee for his series has backed the popularity of many Batman fanatics. You can, therefore, grab one if you’re a collector or simply admire the figure.

14. DC Collectibles Batman Expressions Pack

DC Collectibles Batman Expressions Pack

Batman was pretty popular, and so was his animated series. Animation is something ideally enjoyed by kids. But this animated series was embraced by the young and adults alike. The reason is the wide fan-following of DC comics.

This pack is ideal for any collector who loves to collect DC accessories or Batman merchandise. Made with interchangeable heads and capes, alternate expressions by the animated figure, and compatible with any Batman action figure, this pack is wholesome for DC comic lovers. They’d be happy to be gifted with one pack of these, or they’d purchase it for themselves out of their fandom.

15. Batman Knightfall Figure

Knightfall Batman Figure

The Batman Knightfall action Figure is manufactured by Sideshow and Medicom Toy for the large fandom of Batman in all his forms. Its design is based on Jean-Paul Valley in his Batsuit.

In this one, Jean-Paul replaced Bruce Wayne as the Batman after Bane injured the latter. Approximately 6.29 inches tall, this action figure has two head sculpts along with a cloth cape and various wrist parts.

So, if you are a fan of the Batman Knightfall and not of the actor portraying it in the story, you would enjoy having this for yourself.

16. Thrasher Suit Greg Capullo Batman Figure

Batman Thrasher Suit Greg Capullo Figure

This one is designed by a fan of Batman himself called Greg Capullo. If you are a fan of Batman, even you may have designed him in your artistic ways on paper or in imagination. Greg Capullo has given it an action figure that people are fond of in real life.

Greg Capullo has recreated the figure in his Thrasher suit, and it is 9 inches tall. The great thing about this figure is its detailing in sculpture. The makers have finely detailed sculpting that gives the action figure its signature look you may expect it to be.

Limited in edition, it is not always available. But if you are lucky enough to grab a piece, you would cherish it undoubtedly.

17. Bandai Batman Injustice Figure

Bandai Batman Injustice Figure

The Bandai Batman Injustice Figure is a deluxe action figure. It comes along with interchangeable parts of two different types. Additionally, it is accessorized with two Batarangs, a bat grenade, and Grapple Gun.

Ideal for posing with S.H. Figuarts Joker, the one from the Injustice Version, you’d be thrilled to have this action figure with you. You’d be able to recreate the majestic archnemesis battle scene of the series of the Injustice Version.

The figure is officially printed with the Bluefin Distribution logo, and it ensures that the purchaser receives the authentic licensed item. Therefore, it would also be something you can flaunt in front of fellow Batman fanatics.

18. Hot Toys Batman Beyond Action Figure

Hot Toys Batman Beyond Figure

After Bruce Wayne retired from crimefighting, Terry McGinnis became the Caped Crusader in Batman: Beyond’s popular animation series. Bruce guided and trained the technologically inclined Batsuit and helped Terry imbibe the strength and skills required to handle the many challenged that came in the way of Batman.

Sideshow and Hot Toys are super excited to launch the sixth scale collectible figure of the Batman Beyond suit. It is mostly based on the Batman: Arkham Knight video game inspired by the Batman animated series. Crafted beautifully, this action figure is a boon to your collectibles, and the cutting-edge metallic grey Batsuit adds to the overall look of the figure.

19. Batman Who Laughs Action Figure

Batman Who Laughs Action Figure

This one is a part of the Batman Who Laughs three-figure set. It is based on the DC comic Batman Metals and is designed with Ultra Articulation. The figure makers have put up a full range of posing and play with 22 moving parts on the Batman action figure.

Additionally, they have accessorized it with a knife and a Sickle to provide a better vibe of the Batman Metals to the figure. It comes with a collectible art card with The Batman Who Laughs artwork and a character biography for those who love to collect such work. It makes a great addition to your collectibles.

20. Batman Last Knight On Earth Figure

Batman Last Knight On Earth Figure

Based on Batman’s comic: Last Knight on Earth #1 (Comic 2019), this action figure was designed with Ultra Articulation. The designers have imbibed the true spirit of the Last Knight and articulated 22 moving parts with a full range of functionality.

The action figure is backed with a baton, a lantern holding the Joker’s head, and a bade for full stature. You can combine it with the rest of the pieces of Batman: Last Knight on Earth #2. The remaining pieces would complete Bane, and you’d have the whole package in your collection.

21. Death Metal Batman Figure

Death Metal Batman Figure

Batman is originally based on the Dark Knight: Death Metal #1 (Comics 2020). People have had high expectations from it. Therefore, the Ultra Articulation designed this Death Metal Batman figure and articulated 22 moving parts in it.

All these parts are in the full range of posing and play that any fanatic would love to indulge in. the action figure is accessorized with a Bat Sickle and a base for it to stand firm and tall. It makes a great addition to your DC Multiverse Figures alongside Superman Red Son, The Drowned, Damien Wayne Robin, and whatsoever.

22. Triumphant Batman Mafex Action Figure

Triumphant Batman Mafex Action Figure

Based on the classic DC comic series, the Triumphant Batman Mafex Action Figure is a Medicom imported toy figure. It is excellently articulated to give it the proper Batman appeal.

A true fandom of the DC comic series would love this figure for its unique and highly defined accessories. The cloth cloak with a metal frame is the X-factor of the figure that makes it appeal like the real DC hero. Six inches in height, it makes a great addition to your office or bedside table.

Final Words

Batman is the idol of many of his fanatics, young and old alike. The best thing about him is he does not have any superpowers, and his energies are interchangeable. People are mostly a fan of the Batman figure and not the person playing his character.

From the 1960s, the Batman series has paced up great popularity. Ever since kids and young fans have inculcated the hobby of collecting DC comic action figures. They love to gather collectibles of the Batman himself, his accessories such as the Sickle, Batarang, Batmobile, Batsuit, etc.

His archnemeses play a major role in the series. A fan of the DC comic series has managed to draw attention towards the entire team of DC comics. As such, not one character is left out without a huge fandom. But the Batman action figures have always been the favorite of the fans!

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