6 Reasons Why Comic Books are Good to Read

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Books are a vast treasure of knowledge. There are many other types of books, but comic books seem to be a special kind one.

However, you may not know the actual value of comic books. Why are they good to read? Is it as good as regular reading?

Reading comics is a good habit. It can bring you many benefits such as:

  • Increase your imagination and reasoning ability.
  • Always exciting and engaging for you to learn.
  • Make it easy for you to absorb knowledge and content.
  • Stimulate your deep inner thinking.
  • Use comic books to discuss heavy topics.
  • Create connections and intersections between different languages.

Let’s get right into the details!

Benefits of Reading Comic Books

The following will be the analysis and sharing to help you better see why reading comics are as good as books.

1. Increase Your Imagination and Reasoning Ability

Visuals are often an important factor in helping you figure out what’s going on. A comic book is a collection of pictures that depict the process vividly. You will find it very easy to understand.

In addition, the colorful illustrations also help you to have a better imagination. Maybe just a picture of a flower garden, but you can already imagine the gentle breeze, the sun, the bees, and butterflies.

Stimulating the brain’s imagination through reading comics is extremely good for your child. Your children will have better-thinking ability as they learn things through colorful pictures. It will deduce the meaning of the problem through the image if it maintains the habit of reading comic books.

Comic books are suitable for all ages and can stimulate your brain to develop more at any stage.

why read comics

2. Always Interesting and Intriguing You Learn

What makes comics able to survive and thrive for a long time is how interesting it is. Pictures are never dull. Every moment, brushstroke, or color can capture your attention.

Indeed you will find a book with lots of words more boring than a book with lots of pictures. Pictures and colors will stimulate your vision and brain better.

You will especially enjoy comic books or world exploration books with pictures attached. It creates novelty and entices you to explore the pictures it paints.

It’s like you can’t stop reading a comic book about the universe or a fascinating comic book. Images and colors always make you feel interesting to run along to learn.

3. Helping You Easily Acquire Knowledge and Content

Surely you have heard the phrase “Picture Illustration”. It often appears in advertising articles, textbooks, or research papers. Those images are the tools to help you understand the content of the problem faster.

Comic books are like a book consisting of a lot of “Pictures Illustration”. That is, your ability to absorb knowledge in a comic book will be much higher than reading a regular book.

The dense appearance of text in books will often give you a headache if you look at it for a long time. It’s too difficult to absorb a lot of information at once. But if the information is in images, you will find it easier to absorb it.

Honestly, only people with super brains can think fast when reading words. Most images will bring better associations and thoughts to the reader. Slow thinkers will feel more quickly when reading comics, and sharp thinkers can understand more profound issues.

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4. Stimulate Your Deep Inner-Thinking

Reading comics makes you involved in more aspects of a book. Not only do you read text, but you also receive visual stimulation from images. It makes you think multiple ways at the same time.

When your brain is this multidimensional, it can open up to more profound thoughts. For images with depth of thought, like abstract paintings, you have to think even more deeply. If your brain stays that way for a long time, it can even uncover entirely new thoughts.

Reading comics also trains you to observe and think deeply. In a painting, the creator can create many different small details. Of course, no detail will be excessive. You will have to increase your thinking ability to understand the essential message of the picture.

5. Using Comics To Discuss Heavy Topics

Instead of saying heavy things, you can express and feel them through pictures. That method is one of the standard practices of artists. They put complex problems into their drawings. It’s like a work of art but, at the same time, messages.

As in many comic books, the drawings reflect many problems in the world. Although it is not expressed in writing or words, you can clearly understand when looking at the picture.

Comic books can inspire your life and help you feel the creator’s emotions. Many images in comics can convey serious messages professionally.

Creating Connections and Interactions Between Different Languages
Credit: Unicef

6. Creating Connections and Interactions Between Different Languages

Books are a treasure trove of human knowledge, but their diversity is an obstacle for you. Maybe you want to read a few Italian design or architecture books, but the language difference frustrates you.

Comics can altogether remove the language barrier. Each country or people has different thinking and conventions about language. However, their understanding of the paintings is the same.

It’s like being able to understand the meaning of a drawing from a foreign artist. Or the fact that many people around the world understand Japanese manga.

Comic books can eliminate any language barriers or cultural differences in the world. You can also understand and feel the meaning of books from abroad more easily.


Reading books always brings many benefits to you, but reading comics can maximize those benefits. You can find comics more interesting, easier to understand, or more accessible to their message.

Hopefully, this article will help you better understand how comics benefit people. Thank you for reading!

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