Attendee Badge

jacob mott

BENT-CON 2014 Badge Memberships are now available for purchase! Anyone wishing to attend the BENT-CON 2014 celebration MUST have a valid Membership (Attendee, Professional or Exhibitor) to participate at this year’s convention.

You can save money by purchasing your Attendee Badge online, as the prices go UP onsite.  CLICK HERE to purchase your badge today!


  • *3-DAY Attendee Badge (Full Weekend)
    *$40 (Before Feb. 15th)
    $50 (Before May 10th)
    $60 (Before Nov. 7th) 
    *$70 Onsite
  • *1-DAY Attendee Badge (Friday or Saturday)
    (Before Feb. 15th)
    *$30 (Before May 10th)
    $40 (Before Nov. 7th)
    *$45 Onsite
  • *1-DAY Attendee Badge (Sunday ONLY)
     (Before Feb. 15th)
    *$20 (Before May 10th)         
    *$25 (Before Nov. 7th) 
    *$30 Onsite

YOUTH MEMBERSHIPS: Young people under the age of 18 are eligible for BENT-CON Youth Memberships. (So long as they’re accompanied by an Adult 21 years of age or older with a paid Bent-Con membership.)

  • *3-DAY Attendee Rainbow WristBand (Full Weekend)
    *$20 (Before May 10th)
    $30 (Before Nov. 7th) 
    *$40 Onsite
  • *1-DAY Attendee WristBand (Friday or Saturday)
    *$15 (Before May 10th)
    $20 (Before Nov. 7th)
    *$25 Onsite
  • *1-DAY Attendee WristBand (Sunday ONLY)
    *$10 (Before May 10th)         
    *$15 (Before Nov. 7th) 
    *$20 Onsite

The final schedule is still being worked through, but this year will not only be a 3-day celebration, but will run until 2 AM both Friday and Saturday night — with festivities beginning Friday afternoon and carrying through until late in the day on Sunday. It’ll be an incredibly outstanding weekend, full of fun and fabulousness for everyone.

What follows is the tentative celebration hours (Friday’s start time). Once we’ve locked in the final details,  we’ll publish the full list of activities here and on the Schedule & Guests portion of this site.

Until then, here’s how the weekend is shaping up:

Friday Celebration Hours: 3 PM until 2 AM

Saturday Celebration Hours: 12 Noon until 2 AM

Sunday Celebration Hours: 12 Noon until 7 PM


*Pre-Show prices listed DO NOT include online processing fees & taxes–which will be calculated at checkout.
*Onsite pricing listed DO NOT include all applicable state and local taxes.