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Bent-Con chats with Joe Glass

Bent-Con had a chance to chat with the multi-talent Joe Glass. Joe is a freelance writer and creator of the awesome comic, The Pride, a fascinating group of LGBT superheroes. It’s a great story and seriously, you should check it out!
Now, onto our chat with Joe!
Have you ever heard of Bent Con?
Yeah, I’ve been checking out Bent-Con online for the last couple years. It looks a lot of fun and I REALLY want to do it someday and bring my comics there. Hopefully one day I can afford the trip, because man, I want me a piece of that lol.
What benefit do cons/GLBT events have on the community?
Well, comic cons on the glbt community? I guess they’re another chance to go out and be yourself openly, but including your geeky side not just your glbt side. After all, every con I’ve been too has been very open minded and accepting, so it feels comfortable and natural to be yourself openly there. In terms of increased presence of GLBT at these events, it will help show the mainstream comics companies that we are an audience too, and hopefully help improve representation and inclusiveness in the comics too.
Are you a gamer? Table or Video
I enjoy a good video game, sure, but I think to call myself a gamer would be inaccurate. My fandom is very much comics, so whilst I play video games, I can go for months between them. Just finished Dragon Age: Inquisition though, which I adored, and especially for the inclusion of gay, lesbian, bi and even trans characters. I thought that was very awesome. Table top gaming, I have friends into it, and I have dabbled, but it’s never really been my thing…but I’m always open to trying.
Ooh, toughy. I love both shows. The Flash is fun, and it’s nice to see a superhero show that is unashamedly fun and at times unabashedly silly, but Arrow has Stephen Amell…topless…a lot.
Batman or Superman?
Depends. I’m more of a Marvel fanboy really, but I like the idea of Batman and Superman a lot. I suppose Batman would be my favourite, especially when he isn’t being a total ass. Superman, I like the idea of the characters, the notion of an ideal to look up to and strive towards, but I dunno, I don’t think he’s handled well very often, and a lot of the time can just be boring.
Favorite Comic Book? other than the obvious LOL
Hm, I’m a big X-Men fan, so love the X-books. In fact, they’re responsible for getting me into comics at all (specifically Generation X). But I love the medium, and there’s loads of great books out there too.
Favorite Movie?
┬áThis changes all the time, and dependent on what genre we’re talking about lol. I guess, right now, I’m loving Avengers, because I think they handled the team element perfectly.
Favorite Author?
Comics or general? Comics, I’d say Warren Ellis. That man could right a cook book and I’d be fascinated. General…again, Warren Ellis lol. Or maybe Neil Gaiman.
Facebook link is, twitter is @josephglass/@ThePrideComic, the comic store is