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Bent-Con is Cancelled for 2015

Hello, Community!
I want to inform you the BENT-CON 2015 show and celebration is officially cancelled.
While we do wish otherwise, it is in fact, to BENT-CON and those of you that love it best possible interest that we take this celebratory reprieve to regroup and review to decide how BENT-CON can and should continue in the future.
Suffice to say: BENT-CON is taking a step back, so we can take the best, next possible step forward.
While we did have a more progressive pace in mind pursuing the 2015 celebration, we eventually recognized that the steps necessary to do so would require a space that is much broader and more efficient than our current form . So, this was the best, logical answer to something that has been hanging over BENT-CON’s collective head. 
The community that encompasses BENT-CON is a pretty spectacular one. Thank you ALL for your tireless interest, enthusiasm, and presence.
Year after year, each and every one of you is an example of what a convention community—a convention FAMILY, can be.
For the sake of both transparency and time, we are in the process of working with the Los Angeles Burbank Marriott for those of you who may have already made reservations for the BENT-CON celebration to have those reservations cancelled and refunded to you.
The BENT-CON team has also begun the effort of communicating with all community partners, exhibitors, guests and attendees, respectively as well.
On behalf of the entire BENT-CON team, I wish to personally thank you for your excitement, contribution and involvement with our humble and ever-growing presence in the convention world.
If you wish to stay connected with BENT-CON related news, you can do so via our website, our community or fan pages on Facebook for any and all your BENT-CON update needs.
Here’s to the future!
All the Best, Everyone.
Sean Z. Maker
Founder & President of Bent-Con

Help Bent-Con become Bigger and Better through our GoFundMe Campaign

BENT-CON needs to expand its social awareness, support and capital to further it’s vision and mission to reach global levels. We want to continue to grow the community that is BENT-CON by nurturing and inspiring a culture which recognizes that inclusivity and diversity matters.

Your direct support will help us continue to showcase and express work from artists, writers, creators, publishers, directors, actors and producers that create works with a distinct LGBT/Queer voice and presence as well as openly LGBT/Queer contributors and our allies — be they mainstream or underground; BENT-CON is committed to these creative expressions having as much a resonance and impact as any other celebration of pop-culture and geekdom.

BENT-CON is ultimately about celebrating inclusivity and diversity where everyone matters.

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