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Bent-Con Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Hello Friends,

We have launched our Kickstarter campaign!

We’ve set our initial goal at $15,000, which is intended to bring more attention to the annual celebration as a whole and, with your pledges, BENT-CON hopes to cover the total convention’s costs for this year and even some extras that we’ve indicated in the stretch-goals portion below.

You’ll notice that most of our rewards are very limited!  Some are even one of a kind!

And because BENT-CON is also a federally recognized tax-exempt corporation, your contribution (less the value of your backer reward), is tax deductible. So Everyone Wins!

We need your enthusiasm, interest and curiosity. With your help, we hope to not only meet our starting goal, but also lay a solid foundation for the future of the celebration, so BENT-CON can be fully financed for years to come.

We’re eager for you to experience first hand what’s possible when the community comes together to build and nurture environments that reflect the beautiful diversity of the real world, beyond what we’re often served by mainstream pop-culture.

Check out our Kickstarter page!


Movie News: ANGELS WITH TETHERED WINGS to premiere at Bent-Con

AWTW Poster small“Angels With Tethered Wings,” the third feature film from Babaloo Studios, will make it’s world premiere  at this year’s 5th annual BentCon, in Burbank, CA on November 8th, 2014 at 9pm.

Directed by Steven Vasquez (Luna Park, Eroddity’s,) from his original screenplay, Angels follows what happens when Grant, a good man, does a bad thing for the right reason. While trying to keep two young lovers from harms way, Grant’s wrongdoing forever traps them to their mortal coils.

The cast includes Cory Tyndall (Eroddity’s) as Grant Gleason, Brandon Rife (Eroddity’s) as Timothy, ex porn star on the run, Addison Graham (E Ticket Ride,Triple Crossed) as Jessie, Timothy’s lover, Trip Langley (The Boys Who Brunch, The Last Man On Earth) as Cody, Timothy’s number 1 fan and number 1 tormentor, Naiia Lajoie (ShootingHorses, Nasty Piece Of Work) as Vanessa, Robby Valls (See Dad Run) as Chewy, Andrew Vega (Unsolved Suburbia) as Nicky, Cameron Ellis as Lewis, the hard of hearing wannabe thug and Ivan Bohman (Adults Only) as Lawrence, a down on his luck man with a dream.

Vasquez’s filmmaking style has been described as “…if David Lynch and Christopher Nolan decided to make a big gay murder mystery”. Angels falls heavily on the Lynch side. This dark story of lives lost takes many twists and turns right up to its outrageous finale of double crosses and visits from beyond the grave.

Vasquez’s past films include Luna Park and Eroddity’s. ANGELS is produced by Cory Tyndall, Ryan Bauer (Be Mine, Eroddity’s) & Thomas Soriano (Truth,Triple Crossed). Executive Produced by Ward Bodner (Eroddity’s, Counselor Week at Camp Liberty).

The film’s TRAILER can be found here: